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Screen Printing

Elevate Your Brand

With custom screen printed apparel

We’re the best fit for your next screen printing on t-shirts

As you can imagine, there are a lot of companies printing apparel in Australia.

Most screen printing companies around Brisbane, Melbourne are average, some are terrible, and there are a handful that are extremely good. We belong to the extremely good screen printing category, and we have the client list and a lot of very happy customers to prove it.

professional screen printing
screen printing inks colours

An award winning team will make sure YOU get AMAZING quality every time!

Winning Australian print awards means that you can be absolutely confident you are getting the best quality every single time.

Whether it is a basic 1 colour print on a white t-shirt or a complex photo realistic 10 colour print we’ll make it happen and make it awesome…guaranteed!

Whatever you need to print, we can handle it!






Calico Bags

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And we have the supplies, equipment and expertise to do not just a good screen printing job, but a GREAT screen printing job, however large or complex your order is. You’ll get a fast turn around time, great quality, and access to unique printing options that are hard to find anywhere else in Australia.

+ much, much more!

If you can wear it, we can print it.

Looking for something a bit different?

At DRK LBL, we’re committed to being able to deliver the finishes that our clients need for their brands. So we’ve invested in the technology and staff training to offer a range of specialty printing options that most other screen printers can’t offer.

Cool vintage styling with our ‘discharge’ ink

Waterbased inks for that super soft finish on light coloured fabrics

Fun glow-in-the-dark prints with our unique ‘glow powder’

Classic ‘suede’ styling with our specialty Flock ink…

Award-winning 3D textures – perfect when you really want to stand out from the crowd

High-quality reproduction of full colour, photographic image

Eye-catching metallic or pearl printing

Magical photochromic ink – your design will only appear under UV light

Ultra reflective foiling – for a really shiny outstanding finish

And access to high-end garment manufactures that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

That's the fancy stuff...

But don’t worry – we love printing the basics too. Ultimately, we want to help your business grow, and if that means starting out small with a limited run of 50, or exploring options to grow into new products, our expert staff are ready to help. You’ll enjoy…

Artboard 6.jpg

Easy delivery, Australia wide

Just tell us what you want and wait for it to turn up on time. All order sizes are accommodated from a very small minimum of just 50 per design and up with great volume pricing advantages from 100+ items per design

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The peace of mind of step-by-step guidance

And expert advice. We’ve traveled over the globe sourcing the best supplies, latest equipment, and seeking out knowledge on how to be the very best screen-printer in Australia. We’d love to apply everything we’ve learned to making your next apparel project successful.

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Your designs produced exactly as you imagined

DRK LBL does everything. We’re no middle man. We oversee the entire process to ensure you get the best quality every time.

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Quick response times and no more hassles

As you’ll work with your very own Apparel Consultant. Whether you’re a national brand looking to grow… or a little-league soccer team just looking for some hoodies… we take pride in offering one-on-one attention and incredible customer service.

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Sharp and accurate reproductions

Have you ever looked at a design and wondered how can I possibly do this justice? Wonder no more. Our highly skilled art department can print even your most complex designs with ease.

Artboard 5 copy.jpg

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

We’re so confident in our abilty to consistently deliver custom apparel that our customers love that if your finished product isn’t exactly as you saw at the ‘approval’ stage, we’ll replace it – free of charge.

Here's what our brands say:

"I got the shirts yesterday. They look great!"
"I got the shirts yesterday. They look great! I am a satisfied customer. Look forward to working with you again for our next T-shirt."
Megan Morehouse - Younglife

Brands we've worked with.

Recognise a few? We help some of the most popular brands create their apparel labels and promotional clothing.

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