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  • What is the maximum amount of colours you can print?
    Our highly trained Artwork Department have a few different ways of preparing your specialty high colour designs. Sometimes this means being able to achieve 'full colour' using not many colours. Our state of the art equipment allows us to print up to 11 solid colours maximum. Send your design ideas through to your Apparel Consultant, and they can assess the best way to achieve it!
  • Can you print special inks e.g. Puffs, Foils etc?
    Yes absolutely! Have a look at our specialty printing section and learn a bit more about your options! You can go over any options you're considering with your Apparel Consultant.
  • How do I get a really soft feeling print?
    The best way to achieve a super soft 'in the shirt' feel to your print is by using our specialty discharge and waterbased inks. Your Apparel Consultant will go through what sort of print finish you prefer - and guide you to the best solution for your design and garment selection.
  • Where else can I print other than the front?
    To get a great print result, we basically just need to have access to a flat surface area, and a single layer of fabric. The most common print placements are front, left or right breast 'pocket', sleeves and anywhere on the back. We can sometimes extend to over seams or zips, depending on your garment style and your artwork.
  • How does pricing work?
    At its most basic level, pricing for screen printing custom apparel is calculated on 3 key factors: The quantity of garments you're printing The number of colours in your design The number of placements or prints on your garments. But... In reality, there's so much more to it than that. That's why you'll start off by having a FREE chat with your very own Custom Apparel Consultant. That way, you can be 100% sure that none of that really important stuff gets missed and you only pay for the services that your brand or business needs.
  • Why do more colours cost more?
    Screenprinting requires 1 screen per colour. By increasing your number of colours, you'll require more screens, set-up time, more custom ink colours to mix, and this all adds up to a longer print time too. But don't let this scare you from printing high colour artwork! When you discuss your budget with your Apparel Consultant, they will help you come up with the best solution for your design, even if it involves lots of colours.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    As we're set-up for bulk production, we have a minimum of 50 garments per design. So, if for example you have 1 piece of artwork - you could mix up t-shirts and singlets to make up the 50 quantity. We do also offer a sampling service which is a great option if you're looking to print up a larger quantity down the track. Quick tip: the most significant price drop per unit will be when you start printing 100 or more per design.
  • What are your quantity brackets?
    As we're set-up for bulk production, our minimum print run is 50 per design. The quantity brackets for printing are: 50-99 // 100-249 // 250-499 // 500-749 // 750-999 // 1000-1499 and so on.
  • How much is it to print a sample first?
    Sampling charges would apply - which means you'll cover the screen set-up plus an hourly rate for the printing. Then when you print the full run within 6 months, you won't pay any of the set-up again. Have a chat with your Apparel Consultant to figure out if printing physical samples is the best way forward for your brand.
  • How can I reduce the costs of my custom apparel?
    No matter what your custom apparel is for, we all have a budget that we need to work within. There are many ways that you can look to reduce the costs of your garments. But you don't need to go it alone - your Apparel Consultant will work alongside you to find the best solution to suit your budget.
  • Why do I have to pay set-up fees?
    Don't worry - it's not a made up fee! There are so many steps involved in getting your design on screen and ready to print. From preparing the separations of the artwork, to coating the screens, exposing your design onto each screen, and getting each colour to line up perfectly on the machine before we go to print. These steps are what you're covering in your initial set-up fee.
  • Once I've paid set-up fees, do those screens belong to me?
    What you're covering in your set-up fees is the preparation of the screens and exposure of your design onto them, as they are all eventually recycled. The full cost of purchasing the screens would be around 2.5 times our standard screen set-up fees.
  • Will I need to pay set-up again if I get a re-print?
    We have a 6 month recycling period for all designs. So, this means when you do a re-print within 6 months, you don't need to pay any set-up! We will get in touch with you about 5 months after your initial print run to check in and see if you want to take advantage of the free set-up.
  • When do I have to make payment?
    Depending on your total order value, and the brand of garments you'd like to use, some orders will either require a 50% deposit upfront or full payment due within 5 days. Your Apparel Consultant will let you know what to expect.
  • What garments do you use?
    Over the past decade we've developed relationships with many blank garment suppliers - including some USA based brands! You can check out just a few of our key Blank Apparel Suppliers here. Your Apparel Consultant will be able to guide you to the right brand and style to suit your needs, and your budget! Use their knowledge and experience to save yourself a tonne of hassle.
  • Can I supply my own garments?
    From time to time we print onto supplied garments, however the whole process is just so much easier for you if we look after everything. From counting stock, to QC, checking batch colouring...the way we approve stock BEFORE printing is pretty detailed! Save yourself the hassle and have us do all the hard work for you.
  • What's the difference between the suppliers?
    As there's such a range of different garment styles within each supplier, it's not exactly as straight forward as that. During your consultation, your Apparel Consultant will be able to determine the right brand and styles to match what you need!
  • Do different fabric types affect the print?
    Yes they can - some fabric types may affect the overall look of your print, depending on the type of ink you use. As there are quite a few variables to consider, during your Consultation we'll give you specific advice based on your particular design and the style of garments you'd like to print.
  • How do I make sure it's the right garment?
    Your Apparel Consultant will give you detailed advice regarding the garment options during your Consultation. Once you've narrowed down the options, you can either decide on your style using the online catalogue information, or you're welcome to purchase blank samples before placing your order.
  • How do I order blank samples?
    Just have a chat with your Apparel Consultant and they will organise your blank sample order for you!
  • Can I get a sample of each size to try on?
    For sure! This is a great solution for our clients who are using a new garment style, or want to accept pre-orders from specific individuals. Make sure you have plenty of additional time ahead of your final deadline to allow for this - your Apparel Consultant can help you figure it all out.
  • What file type do you need for the artwork?
    For your solid spot colour designs, we prefer to work with vector art files. This gives us the best control and results over your design from computer to garment. We can also use high res bitmap images, so long as they are a minimum of 300dpi and at your actual print dimensions. Just show whatever you have to your Apparel Consultant and they can guide you!
  • What's the difference between a bitmap and a vector file?
    Bitmaps (also called "raster") are made up of pixels, while vector images are composed of mathematical formulas that consist of curves and points. As such, they can be resized at will without losing quality. Making a bitmap larger makes the pixels larger too and the result can be blurry and jagged. Photos are bitmap images, and so are file formats like bmp, jpg, and psd. Vector images have crisp lines and can be resized as big as a house without losing any image quality. Vector images are created in programs like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Corel Draw
  • Why do you require vector images?
    Vector images are made out of lines and shapes. This helps us when we need to separate colours. Each shape that has the same colour is separated from the image. This can’t effectively be done with a bitmap image when printing with spot colours. One time when it is ok to use bitmap images is when you want a full colour print using process CMYK colours. Sometimes bitmap images are ok for single colour prints as long as they are at least 300dpi and already at print size.
  • What if I can't get a vector file?
    Don't stress, just have a chat to your Apparel Consultant about where you're at with your artwork, and they can get our in house design team to sort out everything you need.
  • Can you do the design for me?
    Absolutely! We love getting the opportunity to create your vision from scratch, and see your design develop all the way through to people wearing your idea out on the streets. Your Apparel Consultant will guide you through the custom in-house design process.
  • What's a proof?
    A proof is a digital mockup / image of your garments in the correct colour and style, with your design placed where you want it printed. Your proof will also include the actual dimensions of your print, along with the colours in your design. Make sure you thoroughly check your proofs - as per our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you receive anything other than what you've approved, we will replace your order at our own expense!
  • When will I see my proof?
    We upload your proofs to your online order within around 4 working days of confirming your job. You'll receive an email notification when it's ready for your approval - and we need that before we can start printing. It's important to get onto approving your proof as soon as possible to stay on track with your completion date!
  • Can I see a proof before I place my order?
    Rest assured that as part of the normal production process, we will ALWAYS upload a proof for you to approve before we start printing. This will happen a few days after you confirm your order. If you'd rather check out your proof before confirming your order, this is a 'pre-order proof' and is charged at $30 + gst upfront. That amount will be credited back to you when you place the full print run.
  • Can you print photographic / full colour images?
    Yep! There are a few aspects which go into determining the best way to achieve your full colour / photographic images. Just have a chat with your Apparel Consultant, send them through your design idea and they can guide you through everything you need to know about this style of specialty printing.
  • What does "convert fonts to outlines" or "embed fonts" mean?
    Fonts aren’t automatically transferred with a vector file when it is created in a program like Adobe Illustrator. When using fonts in the program, the text is linked to a font file located on your computer. If that text is not converted to shapes or outlines or “embedded”, in the program, when you send that file to us if we don’t have the font installed on our computer the font you have used will be substituted for a different font that is installed on our system. To get around this you need to convert fonts to outlines or embed the fonts. To do this in Adobe Illustrator you can right click on the text and choose “Create Outlines” alternatively if you go to Type>Create Outlines or finally you can use the hotkeys Shift+Ctrl+O. This will convert all you type to shapes and it will transport within your file.
  • Where are you based?
    We're located in beautiful Currumbin - on the southern end of the Gold Coast, QLD and we supply Australia wide!
  • How long will my job take?
    Generally speaking, standard turnaround time is 10 working days, but it could be a little longer depending on your garment selection and finishes. We also have an express option - so if you need your apparel earlier than 2 weeks call us NOW on 1300 853 474 . Your Apparel Consultant can help you stay on track with any deadlines you have in place!
  • How long for delivery?
    This all depends on your delivery location, and freight method. Your Apparel Consultant will let you know what to expect!
  • My order hasn't arrived yet. What do I do?
    First up give your Apparel Consultant a call on their mobile - or you can reach the office on 1300 853 474 . When your order was dispatched, you should have received a tracking number which you can use to track online yourself if you like. We're more than happy to help out by contacting the freight company on your behalf if need be!
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