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Apparel Finishing

Make your apparel stand out

With our range of unique finishes

It's all in the details...

There’s a huge difference between your favourite shirt – something you feel proud to wear – and a t-shirt that gets forgotten on the closet floor. More often than not, it’s the small details that elevate a piece of clothing from everyday wear-around into a lifelong favourite. These little details add value to your brand, set your apparel apart from every other promo shirt out there, and add much needed practicality.

Thankfully, we offer a range of finishing options so you can compete with the best brands in Australia.

Internal neck tags and pip labels

There is nothing more disappointing to your customer than spending money on a shirt and looking inside to see a generic brand tag. If you are planning to retail your apparel, adding your own neck tag is a must to ensure your clothing appears professional and meets your customer’s expectations and you’ll need to include some basic details on your tags, such as the care instructions, size and country of origin.


No matter which tag option you select our expert seamstress will carefully replace the manufacturer’s tags without damaging your apparel for the perfect professional finish.

Depending upon the final look that you’re after, we can either screenprint your tag directly onto the inside of the neck, or add custom woven or satin tags to your apparel for a retail-ready professional look. We can even add ‘pip tags’ to the hems of your apparel as a great way to enhance your brand further.

Talk to one of our Apparel Consultants about your tagging needs today.

brand neck tag pip tags
clothing swing tag

Talk directly to your customer with our swing tags

Swings tags are an ideal way to speak directly to your customer at the moment they are most excited about your brand – just before they wear your clothing the first time.

We can screen print a message directly onto a swing tag so you can talk about your brand, give instructions, or just add a touch of class to your apparel.

Get retail ready from day one with our folding and bagging service

Folding and bagging is exactly what it sounds like: your clothes presented in pristine condition, inside sealed bags, ready to sell as soon as you receive them.

This is a great service that frees up time for you to focus on other parts of your business, like – making sales, customer service, and growing your brand.

clothing packaging

Apparel Modifications

Finally, we also offer apparel modifications.
If you have a specific requirement for your apparel line we’re happy to accommodate it.

Here's what our brands say:

"I got the shirts yesterday. They look great!"
"I got the shirts yesterday. They look great! I am a satisfied customer. Look forward to working with you again for our next T-shirt."
Megan Morehouse - Younglife

Brands we've worked with.

Recognise a few? We help some of the most popular brands create their apparel labels and promotional clothing.

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